Jersey Shore resident, friend receive gift of a lifetime from Madonna

Jersey Shore resident, friend receive gift of a lifetime from Madonna

By Matt Rappa
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Madonna’s tenth worldwide concert tour, the Rebel Heart Tour, made a stop at the historic Boardwalk Hall Saturday evening for her fourth overall appearance at the 86-year-old venue.

The “Queen of Pop” sang singles from her latest album Rebel Heart, as well as some of her classic hits which include “La Isla Bonita”, “Holiday”, “Vogue” and “Lucky Star”.

Near the conclusion of performing what is perceived to be one of her greatest singles, “Material Girl”, Madonna carried out a mock wedding with her bouquet of flowers and a white bridal veil over her head. Soon, she would follow her Rebel Heart tour tradition of giving the flowers to a nearby couple at the stage.

For Jersey Shore resident Ami Allen-Vath, along with her best friend Seth, they soon would be the center of attention at the show, a memory that they most definitely will never forget.

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Madonna to Atlantic City crowd: ‘Stay true to yourself’

Madonna to Atlantic City crowd: ‘Stay true to yourself’

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Madonna made sure to express her gratitude to fans who attended her Rebel Heart Tour Saturday evening at Boardwalk Hall, despite inclement weather caused by Hurricane Joaquin.

“Thank you to all of my ‘Rebel Heart’ fans for supporting me for over three decades,” said Madonna, who turned 57 years of age in August.

Speaking with the crowd extended beyond giving her thanks, however. Prior to singing “Rebel Heart”, a single off of her newest album of the same name, the “Queen of Pop” stressed the importance of having a heart in it of itself.

“When the s— hits the fan, guess what? That’s all we have … each other. You can take your phones and throw them away because they won’t work,” said Madonna.

“All that’s going to work is what’s in here, right? That’s all we’re going to have, our hearts,” Madonna continued.

“So please, hold onto your heart. It is precious. Hold onto each other’s hearts. They are precious. And speaking of hearts, I focus a lot on that word. It means so much to me. It means strength. It means fortitude. It means survival. It means romance. It means love. It also means having courage. It takes a lot of courage to be yourself, to take the road less traveled by, to not be consumed to what other people think of you, but to stay true to yourself. That takes a lot of heart.”

The theme of “heart” resurfaced later in the show. Prior to singing a cover version of Edith Pilaf’s “La vie en rose”, the singer alluded to her two divorces: Sean Penn (1989) and Guy Ritchie (2008).

“Yes, it’s true. I have had my heart broken a few times. I’m starting to wonder if there is such a thing as true love, soulmates and stuff like that. It’s nothing to keep me from singing love songs, because everyone wants to hear a love song, right?”

Midway through her classic hit “Music”, Madonna fittingly spoke to the heart of the Atlantic City gambler, in particular:

“Come on! Aren’t you people here to take risks? Aren’t you here to gamble? To spin the wheel? To toss the dice? To f— s— up? That’s what I thought.”

Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour continues north of the border October 5 and 6 in Toronto, before resuming in Saint Paul, Minnesota two days later.